Since 2007, we have tried to be a little different in regards to servicing small business IT.


Our Mission

Very simply, we want to make technology easy for our clients, and at the lowest cost. We want to save clients money by reducing hardware costs, software costs, capital expenditures, and down time. It's also important that we be available to our clients on their schedule, not ours. We don't charge hourly, so there's never a clock running, or an unexpected bill. We will help create an IT budget and stick to it.

Our main focus is helping clients navigate the move to the cloud. We're honestly perplexed that so many IT providers are still pushing clients to have expensive hardware onsite when it simply isn't necessary, and costs a lot to maintain. There are very few reasons anymore for small companies to have servers onsite. Small companies (and many large for that matter) are better served accessing email, file storage and sharing, calendaring and collaboration from the cloud.