The hardest part of managing IT is trying to go it alone. Here's our process:



We can do an entire audit, free of charge, and help you navigate what your best options are. Whether or not you want to work with us, it'll always be free, and unbiased advice.



We will help you create actionable plans to make your projects work. You can take the plan we create with you, and move forward with us, another service provider, or your own team.



If you'd like us to move forward and do the project, we'll put together a timeline, make sure the right vendors are ready with all hardware and software, and double check that everyone is on the same page. We hate loose ends.



Again, if you'd like, we'll support your infrastructure on an annual agreement. We don't do hourly work, and you can cancel our services any time. If a client isn't happy with us, and we can't fix it, we don't want them to be locked in to anything. It's never happened, though.